Where to report bugs with forum?


should there be a top level topic for forum.meteor.com issues? or is meta here the best place?


If it is not specific to our forum, I guess the best place would be https://meta.discourse.org/ and you can possibly also link to that with a post on our meta.


oh did MDG not create this forum? Are they licensing it from Discourse?


That’s right. There was this long discussion over at the old google groups and although a coniderable number of people asked for a meteor based solution, the majority decided that discourse should be the choice and MDG went by that decision.


ah I see. Ruby On Rails! [?]


It definitely is. In fact:


yeah found that. Would be cool if some people got started on a meteor clone! :smile:


FYI, if anyone is not up to visiting us on meta and have any Discourse specific questions/feedback, simply @samsaffron and I will pop by and have a look and try to help


whoa! we’ve got our private customer rep within the product! how cool is that!

now that’s a feature that’s hard to beat!