Which framework use to create mobile app?

Hello all.
I’m thinking about create mobile app for my web service, but know a very little about meteor mobile development.
Do somebody can advice any resources about mobile dev with meteor?
I also find some frameworks:
Onsen UI
and many others.

Do somebody advice which framework preffered to develop mobile app for meteor based web?


We are using Meteoric today. However, if I was choosing today I would probably go with React and Reapp as this should integrate more natively with Meteor 1.2 and React.

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While I’m not the biggest fan of React I agree with @skirunman React and Reapp is the best option right now.

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I will say that I think Meteoric is still viable if you want to stay with Blaze. Just be ready and willing to support the code base yourself. We do this by forking and installing as a local package.

Do you have any links to usefull recources “how to start mobile dev with meteor”? For me it is not clear how to separate(or maybe combine) code for web and mobile. Does it somthing like on meteor when you separate code for client and server in different directories client/ and server/ ? My future app should be synchronized with web and should share part of code. Now I can’t imagine how it should be.

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Yes, struggled with same thing. Right now we are focused on mobile so have not implemented separate template/view code for web. When we do, we will likely go for an all package architecture following patterns as discussed here http://meteorpatterns.com/Sewdn/project-builds and here http://meteor.redandivory.com/#/
Good luck!

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Different interface based on devices

Seems to be a workable solution at the bottom of that thread, along with a github example.

Meteor as backend/subscriptions + http://polymer-project.org version 1.0 + vulcanize tool.
The secret knowledge: Try to keep /public folder on server minimum size.

I’d go with f7 if I were you. Its very stable and has material and ios design from the same codebase.

F7 looks great, but what about intergration with Meteor and reactivity?

As I see Framework7 doesn’t use any library, just HTML+CSS. Does it mean we can choose?

Just use the F7 package for meteor, it will just work. :slight_smile:

Ok. I will try. Another question. I plan to reuse code for web in my app. How I should organize project to achive this goal. Now I have usual structure:
|- .meteor
|- client/
|- server/
|- public/

How to build mobile app using only mobile code not include whole project code?
Maybe like this:
|- .meteor
|- www
----|- client/
----|- server/
----|- public/
|- app
----|- F7 and mobile staff

I plan to reuse some helpers and methods and use same collection and share documents between web and mobile.

Hello again.

Finally, I decide to separate structure of web and mobile app. And now it looks like this:

    |- web_app
    |----| .meteor
    |----| client
    |--------| lib
    |--------| templates
    |--------| styles
    |----| public
    |----| server
    |- mobile_app
    |----| .meteor
    |----| client
    |--------| lib
    |--------| templates
    |--------| styles
    |----| publict
    |----| server

If I have to share some code between web and mobile I just create a symlink.

As a mobile framework I will use Framework7 + Meteor + React

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f7 in combination with meteor seems really nice!
Gonna follow this tread to see how people are gonna implement that.

@timw , there are quite a few f7 meteor package, which one do you recommend? Thanks.

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I tried some and choose this


Loftsteinn’s packages. As long as you use the latest f7 version (1.2.0) you should be good.


Some of you suggest to use reapp. What is that suggestion based on?
I had a quick look and I see it is hardly maintained anymore and there is no clear way (to me at least) to integrate it with Meteor.

Now the MDG will move away from Blaze, the Meteoric package will be no longer maintained. The question is, what is the alternative for building mobile apps now? I like react, no problem to use that instead of blaze, but what is the recommended css/html framework for mobile that works with it?

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Hi @achirkof, I’m curious about your progress. How is it going ? Is it good to go with F7 + Meteor + React ?