"White screen of death" on launch from iOS home screen

(NOTE: This is not a Cordova app.)

I am intermittently (argggghh!) running into the following issue:

  1. User adds web app to home screen (from Mobile Safari).

  2. Sometimes when they subsequently try to “launch” the app from the home screen they just get a “white screen of death”. Nothing appears to load.

Some additional details:

  1. In the past at least this has only occurred if the person had added the app to their home screen while logged into the app, suggesting something wonky with a re-load and login check later.

  2. Another apparent pattern has been possibly related to a new deploy of the app (i.e., some new code push).

  3. Finally, this is an iron:router app, not sure if something is happening within iron:router on reload and hand off from one path to another.

Unfortunately I have not personally experienced it (arrggggh! again) on my phone and have not (yet) been able to hook into the Safari/iPhone/Webview debugger to get any additional diagnostics.

Has anyone seen this? Any hints about what might be going on here.

@ccuilla I have a similar issue iOS Add to Home Screen - app always refreshes when loaded not sure if you solved it?