Who uses what - Blaze/Angular/React/Vue - Poll

With Allow/Deny poll showing interesting results, I think Angular/Blaze/React poll is due :slight_smile:

Please, tell what are you using for current production (not training app) - ready or in development, does not matter. By production I mean the app you are doing to change the world for the better - for free or in exchange for money, not for fun or for showing peer - “hey I can do that” :slight_smile:

  • Angular
  • Blaze
  • React
  • Vue

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I’m using Vue, if you can add an option :wink:

Sure, have done that :slight_smile:

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Using both Blaze and React. React for new stuff, but there’s still a lot of legacy Blaze stuff to convert! Been going since Meteor v0.6.


I think this topic should be in community category. So you might want to move this topic.

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Using React, totally love the concept and ideology of it!

Interesting. I also love vue.

Is it stable within Meteor?

What package you use ?

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Probably yes, just used the analogy with Allow/Deny poster, moved it from announce to community.

And again - Golden Rule rules :slight_smile:

At the time of writing (52 voters) it is about 1/3 Blaze and 2/3 React. So, taking into account similar results at Allow/Deny or Methods poll, I think we are more human than we think.

My hypothesis is that whatever technology you would chose, there is always will be a single choice people would follow, tagging one “Classic” (Blaze), the other Modern (React), or one “Outdated” (Allow/Deny) and other “Current” (Methods and Mixins), due to dualism, and they will eventually would be distributed like in these 2 polls.

Last I checked, we had at total 111% … (3,39,66,3) wow! We are even beating physics :slight_smile:

@Volodymyr, any chance you can fix the Poll?

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Well, it is because of multiple choice, you can choose 1-2-3 technologies if you are actually using them. But as not many people actually using this opportunity - 57 voters / 64 votes - it does much influence the results, and even if it does it does not hurt scientifically :slight_smile:

ouch for angular…


To be able to use Vue single components I’m using meteor-webpack. To integrate Vue to meteor I’m using almini/vue-meteor. Vue-router is working great. Also I’m using kazupon i18n.
As a bonus webpack gave me fast rebuilt and hot module reload with Vue, it’s an amazing boost in productivity. Everything is very stable but my project is not yet in production.

meteor-webpack supports meteor test for two days now but there is a bug when testing with Vue at the moment. Hopefully they will fix that soon. As a workaround I use Chimp tests and do full-app unit tests simply by wrapping them in server.execute and browser.execute commands. It is quite fast.

I created an “Hello world!” example repo here:

(It’s a debug repo for the meteor test command not working, but everything else is working. It’s in CoffeeScript, semicolon lovers :wink: )


We are using Blaze for a lot of projects and we are thinking about using React in the future.

I will compare the packages from startups from https://builtwithmeteor.com/ if somebody is interested.

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At time of writing, we are at React 60 / Blaze 45 – now I wonder how many of the 60 are new devs that switched to Meteor (which was the original intent), and how many are old-timers who switched to React based on MDG’s advice.

In other words, did we create a problem and then solve it? :slight_smile:

Thanks @Volodymyr for this poll. I like your critical thinking (from other posts as well).


I used React in the past.
Now I am trying Deku.
Riot is also a good option.

Interesting to see that so many users are “already” on React…

Vue “winning” from Angular should be enough incentive for MDG to add official Vue support… :stuck_out_tongue:


You may also want to add an option for Mithril.js. I’ve used it for a couple projects over last 6 months and it works great with Meteor. We chose it over the alternatives due to its render speed and small file size, as a requirement from our client was to ensure the site would load relatively quickly on slow internet connections.
I enjoyed the combination enough that I created a generator to use for future projects. However it is still a work in progress and needs some updating/improving.

The creator of Mithril also wrote a basic guide to implementing Mithril with Meteor.


With Blaze slowingly but steadily taking over in this poll (with some peak increase on weekend) let me take another hypothesis - busier people who read forum less frequently or on weekend are more conservative and just use the technology they have at hand to make the work done.


Would it be possible to add Vue to the post title? :slight_smile:

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