Why is "stable" version not the default during installation and update?


I am wondering that even there is this stable release tag METEOR@ the installer is just looking and installing the release 1.3.1 and also meteor update will just go for 1.3.1.

Is the still some beta or testing release or is something not yet updated at the installer?

I am asking because currently working on the ARM fork and want to make sure to match the latest stable release. We are doing the job currently at the tagged sources.

Could someone from MDG (@sashko) please make a short comment.

Thanks in advance

The release is stable to the best of my knowledge, though I hesitated to recommend it Friday because of this bug. If I put out a today that included that fix, would it make a difference for your (awesome) work on the ARM fork?

Hi Ben ( @benjamn )

thanks for quick feedback. So I will have a look for and take that commits too.


hmm, although is listed under the releases tab on github, update --release results in error:

Sorry, Meteor is not installed and could not be downloaded. Please check to make sure that you are online.

BTW, @benjamn is there a flag for the update tool to check if there is a newer release (whether or not recommended) since it is really cumbersome to go check the releases page each time to look if something’s new with meteor while both atmosphere and npm provide a command line utility for that.

I’m in the process of publishing, but not done yet! Unfortunately the releases tab on GitHub gets updated before the release is ready to use.

This wasn’t such a problem before 1.3, in part because releases were much less frequent.

Oh ok, got it! In fact, I think my upgrade is going through right now!

What about release notifications on the command line tool?

There were good reasons 1.3.2 and were not recommended, so I really must recommend sticking to recommended releases. That doesn’t stop you from checking the releases page and updating manually, but I’m hesitant to make it too much easier!


Hi Ben ( @benjamn )

could you be so kind and give me a short note when you think that I can proceed with next release whatever release that is. I new from previous work that after new releases it will take some time to become real stable - that is a normal procedure I guess.

Thanks for help

Hi @benjamn

After this short period of inconstant releases would you point me to the currently recommended version

Thanks for a short comment

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Hi Ben ( @benjamn )

while we are working on the ARM fork I have a question about the nodejs version to use in the upcoming 1.3.3 release. Currently meteor dev_bundle embeds nodejs v0.10.43. Will this be the same branch (v0.10.??) on the next meteor release or are you planning to switch to somthing like node 4 or 5?

Thanks for a very short note

Hey @tomfreudenberg

The node upgrade is milestoned for Meteor 1.4. Check these brand new PRs to track progress:

As I guess you know, 4 is the current LTS (with 6 pegged to become the next LTS in I think they said around October).

Hi Gadi, @gadicc

as I saw the new branches at the git repo yesterday I decided to ask about schedule.

Thanks for your feedback. Hopefully @benjamn will confirm that :slight_smile:


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