Why "Post hidden due to community flagging"?

I try to create new topic, but
Post hidden due to community flagging
I don’t understand.

(Sorry my English not good)

Okay. What’s that post? Let me check.

Anyway, when asking questions try to give more details. Your english is okay. But try to give more information.
Also follow these steps, before asking questions.

  • Do a Google Search (I bet you’d find a ton of answers)
  • Do a Search on StackOverflow
  • Then search on Atmosphere about some package (We’ve ton of packages for many things)

If you can’t find any solution, post here.

I think that I could ask any questions about Meteor.

If you can find answers on the internet very easily, don’t be lazy to search them before posting here. If you are not following my recommendations, I can’t stop others from flagging your posts.

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@arunoda I think @theara has a point.

For example, I just replied to this question Meteor as AJAX application (not reactive) which was flagged by somebody for some unknown reason which just does not make sense to me.

Unles we have a strict “don’t ask questions here” policy, we cannot know when to enforce a “do your homework before asking” rule. It is even hard on stackoverflow, and I believe it would be even harder here.

So I believe, unless a post is outright offensive, it should not be flagged.

Could it be accidental? The “bookmark” icon is right next to the “flag” icon - not a good UX layout!


hmm, probably. but we’ll never know :wink:


These two events are completely different. In the linked “Meteor as ajax app” topic the post was flagged automatically by the system, because several users in that thread were spotted from the same IP address. The system was suspecting some strange behavior, which is reasonable.

In the case of @theara, he just posted multiple low-quality one-sentence questions and various people (including me sometimes) mark them as “inappropriate”. I do believe that this should be a welcoming place for newbies to ask questions, but similar to Stackoverflow, people will be willing to help you if you help them to help you: properly explain your problem or state your question, list what you have tried, list any other clues, be nice and respectful (this includes spending a little bit of time formatting your post, using capital letters, fixing typos, etc).


Hmm, multiple users per ip thingy there is kind of understandable to
some extent.

And thanks for taking the time to explain your point and I do respect
that. Yet, I kind of disagree. Stackoverflow has an ultimate goal to be
the place for quality q/a and it’s commercial success depends on
that as well.

Stack overflow also provides several powerful tools to improve those
low quality answers. So its take on quality is not dismissive, but
rather embracing.

But forums.meteor.com does not (or I haven’t noticed it does) declare
such ultimate goal. It also does declare to be the official community
discussion tool.

So regarding low quality questions, even those that are extremely
poorly written, the community will either answer or not on a case by
case basis, not around a general consensus.

So merely flagging a post for being a low quality question servers
against us being perceived as a welcoming community.

But if we are going to insist on pinning down those low quality
questions with flags, then by all means, let’s also implement the tools
to improve them.

Otherwise, we are all free to ignore those questions and set the
example to others to see that to get good answers, they need to ask
good questions.


Thanks for all of explain. My English not good, so may be I can not write the height quality questions.
But now my post above is Post hidden due to community flagging

Let me set it straight again: nobody flags questions for a bad English or grammar mistakes. Most of the people in this thread are international, I doubt English was the first language for Arunoda or Serkan and it definitely wasn’t for me.

But yet, when you post a question, you can try and do some “homework”, spending an hour or two looking for a solution yourself. Very often, this is the way you will learn faster and the community will save energy on every small question people have. Also, put some efforts into describing your problem. One sentence is not a good description (usually), examples, code samples, your code that breaks, anything helps.