Will Galaxy be available in most AWS regions?

It would seem a shame if a service named “Galaxy” were relegated to just one or two data centers… Will Galaxy be in all or most Amazon AWS regions?

I imagine those in Europe would like to know this, as would I in Asia.

I’d be willing to pay a surcharge for hosting at least from Tokyo (about a 50ms ping from Korea where most of my users will be).


I asked too soon, the answer is in Arunoda’s MeteorHacks interview with Justin from MGD. You can hear that part of the talk here.

The short answer seems to be, just one location at first. Then maybe more later. Japan seems far off the list. Hopefully this will change, because people in Seoul are saying that they’d host with Galaxy if it were in Japan, but otherwise it’s just too much latency.

Btw MongoLab hosts from Tokyo on AWS.

For my personal case, I’ll almost certainly use Galaxy if it’s in AWS’ NE Asia region, and maybe not otherwise, sadly…

You see, from a server in Seoul to a client in Seoul, latency is usually about 2ms! And people here, um, don’t like to wait! :smile:


Are there any updates on this? I’m using Galaxy for testing (production is still EC2/MUP) and quite like it but the latency difference is quite big for me between using the EU and US and all of my clients are in the EU. I would probably switch it if you would just support EU - preferably Ireland.

Do MDG have a roadmap for Galaxy improvements?


I too would love to use Galaxy but only if it was hosted in Ireland, same place as my compose.io database which was a must due to financial data needing to be placed within the UK.

I would also love to see support for hosting apps via Galaxy somewhere in Europa like eu-central-1. Any news on this topic?

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We’re looking into multi-region Galaxy to serve our customers worldwide. More details are coming in the near future.


very much like to see Galaxy in East China region (Hangzhou, Beijing)

Please help us prioritize future Galaxy regions by completing this form!

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