Windows install/uninstall hell


Hi, excellent work with the Windows support!
But the installer gives me a headache, could someone please give me some guidance.

I’m using a Windows Server 2012 and I had a windows-preview version of Meteor installed. “meteor update” did not work so I runned the latest Windows Installer to install Meteor 1.1. After that I could not start Meteor. I guess the previously installed version interfered so I tried to uninstall Meteor but it seems to do nothing(!). I’ve now been trying to clean up the system by removing environment paths, removing files … But there is no way to rerun the installer. It just immediately says that “Meteor is now installed on your computer” (but it’s not).

Can someone with knowledge in how the installler/uninstaller works guide me in how to let the installer rerun to make a new installation? Is there any registry cleanup I can do?

Regards Magnus

Meteor unable to run on winows

A little tedious, but you’ll definitely find all the answers in


try this link

it worked when the main page installer did not.


@eleroy, thanks, that really saved my day!

Don’t you have a link for 1.2 installer by any chance?
Crap installer from off site doesn’t work after uninstall - agrr
Actually, don’t bother - 1.2 ver has too slow of a build process - won’t be upgrading until 1.3.


Actually I’m having the same issue. Even with the full 1.1 installer linked here, I get the same behavior as with the official installer. Can anyone share here how to do a proper reinstall, please?


Delete .meteor folder in User/Appdata/Local
I also removed .meteor folder in my project and it significantly improved build time! Just don’t forget to export database files - I had to repopulate it from scratch -arrr! :wink:


Unfortunately that doesn’t work either, I’ve tried reinstalling a couple of times, but the farthest I can get is to get an entry in Programs and Features that I can uninstall in a blink of an eye. Same goes with installing, it’s instant and does basically nothing of use.


Clean the registry of all ‘meteor’ entries - start with this one:

if doesn’t help - delete everything else.


How I didn’t think of that… that fixed it, thanks a lot! :smile:


Yeah, the Windows installer has been a source of pain for some people. It turns out that Windows installers are somehow still a relatively unsolved problem if you want to do anything during installation like add to PATH or display a login screen.

Does anyone know of some resources that would enable us to rebuild the current installer so that it works more reliably?


Well, for once, your installer should uninstall prev version of Meteor, before installing new one. Doing that manually significantly improved build times for me. I.e. everything in meteor install folder - because it piles up older version of Meteor and atmosphere packages - which all contribute to build times being slower and slower with every new update.
And also install folder becomes larger and larger with each update.


That helped me and could force a new install !

NB: I also found previous meteor version there and deleted the keys. Check “feature” and you’ll find the name of the app linked to the reg entry.


So if reinstalling for debugging purposes, would using Program and Features control panel work as it has meteor entry which you may use to uninstall. Meteor reset hasn’t worked.

Is this true:


As of 1.4.1 this still has not been resolved and is still open.
Registry path that needs to be removed in order to reinstall has changed to


I am getting this error after deleting the registry file “…B7F1F”


Alternate windows installation worked for me.


I deleted my User\AppData\Local\.meteor folder, but had to delete the registry key before the installer would actually try to install meteor again.

It tried, but it did not install anything. I do not know what is going on.

I’m trying @umairhashmi’s suggestion and will report back.

Windows Installation is a JOKE!

I did the manual install as suggested by @umairhashmi and seems to be working.

I do want to point out that there is another folder (PaxHeader) on the installation archive besides the .meteor folder.


I have had some more issues and I tryed the to reinstall the User\AppData\Local\.meteor folder and I just realized that I have issues with the name length of some files, or at least when 7zip is working it outputs errors and many paths are truncated.

I do not know how much that is affecting the stability of my meteor installation.