Best Meteor Devshop?

As you can see here Would you replace an in-house developed ERP with meteor? we are looking to start as pioneer work a complete ERP type of Application Platform with Meteor and would need some consulting / mentoring / development support to get the idea off the ground and ideally structured. Once a structural ground has been achieved we will then decide how many (if at all) external meteor resources would be needed to build a first full application on top of the new meteor ERP application platform.

We are even considering to publish the whole Platform under MIT license in order to essentially change the very cost intensive ERP sector and to maneuver it into the 21st century.

Do you own or work for a Meter Development Shop with extensive experience in this field and you are looking for a real challenge? Then please send your answers to following questions/items to my email

  • Showcase(s) of a more complex application built with meteor
  • Geographical location
  • Number of meteor dev resources available
  • Daily rate / developer and project manager
  • Terms & Condition



Could you please elaborate more on what you have in mind?

  • Are you considering the MIT license ground up or eventually/partially?
  • What kind/size of companies are you targeting?
  • Are you envisioning SaaS/PaaS/Cloud/onPremise?
  • Will be you be enclosing an MRP?
  • What’s your vision of an ecosystem? Be it open, commercial or both?
  • etc…
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Well since the idea of doing so has evolved over the last 2 weeks, we didn’t think too much about these kind of technicalities yet but rather on the high level business need of a lightweight ERP platform…

But let me try to answer your list of questions:

Are you considering the MIT license ground up or eventually/partially?
Answer: If we do MIT later than for the whole platform (depends on the amount of resources, both money and personnel wise, we will have to put into this)

What kind/size of companies are you targeting?
Answer: Between 10 and 3000 concurrent Users

Are you envisioning SaaS/PaaS/Cloud/onPremise?
Answer: We definitely will need to support all of them, even on-premise because of the old psychological thing " …my finance data must be on our own servers within our office walls …"

Will be you be enclosing an MRP?
Answer: Don’t know yet

What’s your vision of an ecosystem?
Answer: Don’t know yet

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Trello board with very basic features Trello

I am new to Javascript and Mateor world but I am currently investing more time to learn.

I am basically from ERP background and working as solutions architect for almost 18 years that is based out of Oracle PeopleSoft ERP and working on various modules such as HCM, Finance, CRM and eLearning system.

I am also going through Workday HCM and Oracle HCM fusion to understand the functionality and desgin difference.

Hope I soon join this community!


@meteorpoly Are you still planning to do this? I’ve been looking for good open-source ERP software the last days and there is one I like:
I like the interface and maybe we can learn some things about ERP structure/ architecture there :slight_smile:

Hello Meteorpoly, I am working on something similar. Can you send me your Skype so we can talk more about it?


Hi guys,

I found this article while googling for the same subject. It’s been more than two years! Where are you guys from all this today? I’m interested too. Please, drop me a line if the community still alive