Categorizing uncategorized topics - Old topics getting revived

You might have noticed that many old topics are getting revived. That’s happening because @storyteller declared war on uncategorized threads on the forums! I also categorized quite a few of them a few days ago.

When a topic gets recategorized, its timestamp gets updated, and then it goes back to the top. I have reset the timestamp of most of the ones I went through. But we are letting the ones that would be good to be re-seen go to the top.

That’s just a heads-up so you get what’s going on with the topics. After this work, they will be better organized and easier to find. Cheers!


On a separate note, there are some really interesting historical threads and some fun things. I will try to highlight some of them at some point. Categories to keep your eyes on:
Planet Earth


Cool ! It is nice to read topics of any age, and answer them.