Meteor Galaxy now accepts PayPal

Over the past year, Galaxy has become the preferred zero devops Meteor hosting solution for thousands of customers worldwide. As we’ve expanded hosting options (we launched our EU datacenter recently), we’ve also heard feedback that some developers don’t have easy access to credit cards for payment. Starting today, we’ve enabled PayPal as a payment option for new Galaxy accounts.

To sign up with PayPal, simply go through the Galaxy signup form and select PayPal upon checkout.

[![|572x500](upload://h6gn6e75wXpFYnCAbIDi27YnEgo.png)]( ___________ FAQ:

I already have a Galaxy account set up with a credit card, can I switch it to PayPal?
At this time, this is not supported. PayPal authorizations can only be set up for new accounts. The workaround is to create a new Galaxy account and transfer existing apps over.

Can I pay for Galaxy with foreign currencies?
Yes, although Galaxy usage is always charged in USD, we can accept other currencies through PayPal. PayPal will convert the charge to local currency at the time of the transaction. Please keep in mind that your receipts will not reflect the post-exchange amount.


You should add a bitcoin payment option.


Great addition for developing countries :slight_smile:

Yeah, and then there are undeveloping countries like Turkey who have banned PayPal only to cripple half the e-commerce businesses in the country sigh :frowning: But I digress… Kudos Galaxy team, spot on!


not for eu-galaxy server yet :frowning:

This is very nice! :grin:

Can you share more details about what you mean “not for eu-galaxy server yet”? You can signup for a new Galaxy account today selecting PayPal as your payment option and deploy to both US and EU regions. You don’t need to select a region as part of the signup process as you’ll only be billed at the end of the month across any region you use.

Hi there,

So what about already deployed accounts?
I just Double checked.
I am at and in the
payment tab I can only replace the card with another card.


@tseckert-- in regards to switching existing payment methods for paypal:

@serkandurusoy Bangladesh banned paypal until yesterday ! Now it has opened up paypal for us ! The reason was, the new IT minister listened to his fellow country mens request. So if we can have it, turkey will have it too !

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Be safe if you’re in Turkey, @serkandurusoy!

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thank you, I’m safe but obviously in shock

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I like that idea, but Bitcoin doesn’t support subscriptions. Not unless they go through a third party biller…

and just like that, by the power of Google:

Very cool!