FIREFLY -- the first IDE built for meteor

I’m Mykola from JSSolutions. We have decided to build FireFly IDE - it is the development environment built for Meteor. It works as web application to start you just need to add particular package and open /firefly-ide in your browser.
You can read more here:

It is not ready yet, ide is in development process. But we want listen the feedback of community. What features are more important? What way is more better package application or desktop application?

Also, you can request invitation of the latest release


Looks pretty interesting! Also the effect on Startpage when moving mouse is very nice.


Interesting… will have a look and give feedback. Will it only be web based?

Will you also be offering code assistance with packages? Either with static analysis (tern etc) or perhaps by preprocessing some popular packages?

Also, how do you guys compare with


Thanks for that link too, have not yet seen that but nice feature idea - simultanious development

I saw that effect on the homepage somewhere before but I couldn’t find it, is that some jquery plugin?

At the moment it is the web based environment. How about you, what do you prefer?

It looks like this also resides in your macbook since it is a package added to your project, thus running on localhost:3000

It would be awesome when integrated with meteortoys ping @msavin

We were wondering about such possibility, will discuss it with @msavin.

привет @striletskyy, happy to chat about it (and would be great to try a demo)

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I would be glad to try too.

Привет Тернополю из Одессы (-:


Good job, but I can’t search in meteor package.

It not available yet. You can request invite, and we will send invitation soon.

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Will this not reload the IDE everytime I save something? Because sometimes you save, see a mistake, save again, but here you would have to wait for the first reload?

Wow! @simpalm thank you, we’ve now had our first spam message on this forum!

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At the moment we don’t think about it. But, it is interesting feature.
I also have the same problem sometime.
We will keep your remark in mind.

Also if you have idea have about new features, you can write to us:
It will be very helpful, because IDE is in development process, so we can implement additional features.

I’ve submitted a request but haven’t heard anything back could you please send invite.

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I can’t install the package.

$ meteor add firefly:ide

=> Errors while parsing arguments:

While adding package firefly:ide:
error: no such package