I'm joining Meteor as Developer Evangelist!

Hello, I’m glad to announce that I’m joining Meteor as Developer Evangelist!

I’ve been working with Meteor for a long time and I’m excited about this opportunity. It will be a great challenge as well as a fantastic time and I’m happy because I know I can count on the Meteor community.

My goal is to be a bridge between the community and the Meteor core team in every way possible. I will also help to create content to promote Meteor, participating in meetups, facilitating community work on Github issues and PRs, and anything else necessary to enable the Meteor community to be active in its platform development.

Meteor 1.8.2

And as many of you know, Meteor 1.8.2 will be coming out soon, check out PR #10522. Thanks to all 35 participants involved in this PR so far.

A few highlights of 1.8.2:

  • a) full server restart will be avoided when no files used by the server bundle changed PR #10541

  • b) New TypeScript-based Meteor application template: meteor create --typescript new-typescript-app PR #10695

  • c) improve dynamic module behavior for large projects using many custom local packages, mixing nested and dynamic imports PR #10730

  • d) ability to run multiple Cordova apps are built from the same application source code at the same time on iOS by selecting a different port using --Cordova-server-port PR #10577

If you are asking, “How can I help?” here is your answer, you can test your application with this Meteor version and provide feedback, follow these steps to run your application using the release candidate 4 of 1.8.2:

1 - Commit and push any pending change in your local workspace. Create a new branch then you can merge it later when 1.8.2 final is out.

2 - Execute the Migration Steps in your new branch https://github.com/meteor/meteor/blob/release-1.8.2/History.md#migration-steps, they are just two commands for this release:

If you use npm to manage your npm packages:

meteor npm install @babel/runtime@latest
meteor npm install meteor-node-stubs@next

Or if you use yarn:

meteor yarn add @babel/runtime@latest
meteor yarn add meteor-node-stubs@next

3 - Make sure your packages are up-to-date:

meteor update --all-packages

See the upgraded packages and read each package release note carefully

4 - Update Meteor to the latest Release Candidate by running this command in your new branch:

meteor update --release 1.8.2-rc.4

5 - Run your app, as usual, if you find any issues, please comment in the PR #10522 :slight_smile:

Disclaimer: Please don’t use this release candidate in production as it is not a final release.

I’m here to help

If you have any problem with Meteor, or a pending issue, or an unanswered PR, please reach out to me, I’m here to help and I’m open to suggestions so please don’t be afraid to share your ideas with me and the community as a whole.

Also, if you want to share your story with Meteor, please contact me. We can work together and publish your story. We not only welcome business and technical success stories but we also want to hear about your personal success stories.

You can contact me here in the forums or on Twitter @FilipeNevola (my DMs are open) and remember, you are the real Meteor champions, my role here is to remove blockers and help!

Community Slack

Last but not least, I would also like to encourage every Meteor developer to join our Meteor Community Slack channel by following this invite, this Slack was created by the community (thanks Kelly Copley @copleykj) and it is a wonderful place to meet Meteor developers and exchange experiences.

We are starting a new chapter in Meteor history and everyone is invited to be a part of it.

Spread the word

Retweet this announcement and please follow Meteor on every platform:

Twitter https://twitter.com/meteorjs
Youtube channel https://youtube.com/c/MeteorPlay
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/meteor.js/
Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/meteorjs/


Congratulations! Looking forward to move things forward!


Happy for you @filipenevola and happy for the future of Meteor as well!


…reading this and running a beta release of 1.8.2 in production :sunglasses:

Congrats @filipenevola !


…reading this and running a beta release of 1.8.2 in production :sunglasses:

hahaha, I won’t say what I’m doing but ok (https://github.com/meteor/meteor/issues/10732, whoops, I just said), but of course if you really know the risk you can do it :wink:

I have to deploy 1.8.2-rc.4 to production today. :rofl:


Thank you @filipenevola is there a specific way of “upgrading” an existing project to a typescript based project using 1.8.2?

I could test such a use case, we are really exited to port ASAP and can’t wait to get our hands on.


Congratulations @filipenevola! This is great news, especially because it shows Tiny will be maintaining good communication with the developer community!


Congratulations, my friend @filipenevola! I have the pleasure to work with filipe on my daily basis. He is such a hard worker, experienced, very efficient, great problem-solving and helpful. I am sure he is going to inspire and contribute greatly to the Meteor community.

From my side I am excited seeing that Meteor community has recovered its self-worth and is going up again, with a focus on the community and collaboration as vitally needed. I feel motivated to continue using it, provide my feedback on next steps and contribute if necessary.

Lets make together Meteor great again!


Perhaps Indie Hackers will also be a great community to advocate for Meteor.


Congratulations @filipenevola! I think I can safely assert that the entire Meteor community will support you in your new role.


is there a specific way of “upgrading” an existing project to a typescript based project using 1.8.2?

Hello, we can use the PR #10695 that created the new template as a reference for what should be done.

I would follow these steps:

  • Add typescript package
  • Add @types dependencies, for example:
    "devDependencies": {
      "@types/meteor": "^1.4.30",
      "@types/mocha": "^5.2.7",
      "@types/react": "^16.9.0",
      "@types/react-dom": "^16.9.0"

One good idea would be to create a page in the guide (https://guide.meteor.com/) with these, would you be willing to take the lead on this? I can review and make sure we merge this asap.


Sure, and please provide feedback on things that you think could be better :wink:

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Thank you my friend :wink: It would be very good to have your contributions on Meteor.

I agree.

Do you have any specific ideas in your mind?

I’m already discussing on Community Slack (#cordova channel) to publish content on how to create Native Apps and PWAs with Meteor, the main idea would be to provide a skeleton to make these apps very simple to get started with Meteor. I think this makes sense for Indie Hackers.


Exactly, I think “very simple to get started” is the key…and this not just front-end starting (e.g. NextJS, Gatsby, CRA etc.) but full-stack starting.

From what I’ve seen, indie hackers tend to attract all sort of crowd and a lot of them are non-coders trying to build landing pages with wordpress etc to test the market. Accounts (and I’ve proposed stripe/payment helper package), easy deployment, community support and success stories would surely attract a significant portion of that crowed. For Native/PWA support I’m starting to think that Ionic 4 might be the best fit for Meteor. I’m not sure how what would be the best way to reach that crowed within their site, perhaps responding to comments or publishing articles.


I’m not super aware of Ionic 4 content, I will take a look.

But is that something you are willing to also get your hands on or are you just suggesting as good next steps for Meteor as a whole?

The Native/PWA part I’ll probably do it myself but would be good to have help in the UI side you are willing to. I usually use https://material-ui.com/ with custom CSS Flexbox styles to produce my apps, www.bemarke.com is one example.

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Wow, bkmarke looks impressive!

I’ve not used MUI react yet but I’ve used FM7 and I want to experiment with Ionic 4 (will share with the community when I get something going), I’m still unable to find good samples for Ionic 4 since it is relatively new so I’m not sure how accurate their claim is about being mobile optimized. I might be a good step for Meteor and maybe supporting the react/vue native frameworks and cordova is a better approach, but what also got me interested in ionic 4 is that it is based on web components which might have longer lifespan that other frameworks. I just wanted to point out that there might be potential of integration with Meteor and it also good to keep an eye on that community.

Sorry for going off on a tangent.

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Congratulations @filipenevola! This is the best news in a while. I’m so positive now about the future of Meteor.


Congratulations @filipenevola. We’re witnessing something welcoming, game-changing, groundbreaking and heartwarming in the Meteor community - and I am very happy with all latest development (Tiny acquisition) and I wanna really say a big thankful for all those who stood and continued supporting Meteor and the community.