Load testing with Meteor



We are close to launch our app but we want to benchmark the app with concurrent users. Blitz.io is not accepting new accounts now, at least for some more days or weeks. Any alternative??

If not, any practical suggestion on how to use meteor-down or meteor-load-test?
meteor-down has an issue about not supporting ssl, is it correct?
Also there’re some issues about same origin IP and concurrency limit per instance.



I f you want a more life-like test or just not very fond of scripted load testing (which may or may not represent actual use cases), another option would be to get actual people to do load testing for you.

Mechanical Turk, Fiverr and UpWork are great places to find people to do that for you in exchange for a very small payment.

What’s great is, you can describe your scenarios, divide people in groups, ask them to carry out those scenarios (or ask some to just improvize and experiment), perhaps ask some of the to use multiple tabs, browsers etc.

In the meantime, you would be analyzing your kadira dashboard (especially livequery), server metrics and application logs.

Roughly 100 concurrent users on a single app instance will give you an idea about your app performance and bottlenecks. (If budget is a concern, you can get 100 concurrent users with as little as 20 people using multiple browsers)


@alanning are you still working on https://github.com/alanning/meteor-load-test? :slight_smile: It’s just DDP, right? So less relevant for people doing most of their data with Apollo.


Here’s a thread I wrote about PhantomJS & WebDriver load testing using www.redline13.com and your own AWS EC2 account:


Thought it might help future Google’rs of this thread.