Meteor Login using WebAuthn API

Has anyone worked out how to integrate the Webauthn API as a passwordless login mechanism for Meteor? This would allow users to login using Windows Hello, TouchID, a Yubikey, etc. The code to register and authenticate users is fairly straightforward, but I don’t know how to let Meteor know the user is now authenticated? Any thoughts on how this could be done?

There’s a nice WebAuthn demo here:

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We use a combination of this

And Meteor’s accounts api

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@rjdavid , thanks for the response. However, I don’t see any Meteor Accounts method to login the user that doesn’t require a username/password combo, an emailed token, or an oAuth integration. How did you go from successfully authenticating a user using WebAuthn to logging that user into their Meteor account?

Ah! It looks like I need to use the undocumented Accounts.registerLoginHandler

Good point that Accounts.registerLoginHandler() is not in the documentation :thinking:

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Hey! I’ll add that to our backlog, Thanks for letting us know

Any updates on this? Maybe someone already implemented it in custom meteor package?

Added an issue to the core: Accounts.registerLoginHandler is still undocumented · Issue #12189 · meteor/meteor · GitHub


Usability is now improved with the implementation of passkeys in chrome

The desktop to mobile authentication is very powerful

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