Meteor Mentoring Group aka Meteor University


@faceyspacey if you pm your email, i will add you to meteor-mentor team. there you can have your own restricted channel. we can have few restricted channels for mentoring and one general channel for every one.


@faceyspacey that’s great.

We are thinking about creating our own learning platform as our own learning material, but to be honest, I don’t want that to be overwhelming to new developers so I’d like to keep it around basics and have the group members themselves build it up and out. I myself won’t probably contribute much code, rather assist. It would be the group’s product in the end.

@aadams I am not getting paid for this and I don’t want to. Not for this group at least. And I really want to keep this under control so that this “experiment” can become a substantial “experience” for everyone involved, furthermore, I would love to see this become a structured, repeated and evolving thing.

@chat is trying to organize slack into groups right now and we’ll keep using it until our own product becomes usable in that sense.

Come join in, we’ll try to do our best to accomodate everyone, but let’s please also actively look for other people to join in as “mentors” so that we don’t get overcrowded with our video chat sessions. We were 6 people yesterday and 1 hour was merely enough. I can’t imagine if we do it with 10 people :slight_smile: But please do come join in, I don’t want to see eager people like yourself left out.

About that $100. Keep that in your bank account. The way you can pay would perhaps be to ping some other community members who have not heard about this initiative and perhaps try to persuade (not by money) one to come join in as a mentor :smile:

Finally, our video sessions are more like “here are some resources you can check out and here’s what you need to watch out for” and they are not in the form of tutorials. Ther are so many great resources out there but it is overwhelming for a new meteor developer to find the right gems. That’s what I’m trying to do, point in the right direction, at least the ones I personally believe are right at this time for this experience level. I believe the “project” itself will be the actual self-learning experience where I’ll only be providing guidence.


@chathuraa…i guess i came in late… But if possible can you please send me the invite as well at Nata.goddanti@gmail. Thanks a ton for doing this


Great blog post @christbkk, kudos for sharing back to the community :smile:


This is great. Thanks for sharing everyone


I must not have the rights to pm, or missing something obvious. How the heck does one pm here?


I liked the attitude, the positive atmosphere and the willing to learn building real things.

Everybody is very enthusiast and eager to do something meaningful!

@serkandurusoy answered all our questions and remained on the call more than scheduled. He even followed up on some specific topic.

As I started out by myself I’m always working in a vacuum, alone. Building something together as a member of this team will be priceless for me.

I can’t wait for more :slight_smile:


I’d be interested in maybe helping out.


Actually, Mastermind group #2 is looking for a mentor. It would be great to have you as a mentor for the group. We can send a slack invite right away if I get your email.

Thank you.


Joshua DOT Owens AT Gmail :smile:


@joshowens that would just be awesome. We actually referred to some of your material in our first session.

Having you among us would definitely inspire others! I kind of feel like I’m being asked to prom right now LOL :smile:

Please PM me for specifics. The gist is:

  • We try to keep groups of 5 devs + 1 mentor
  • Use slack for ongoing discussions, mentoring
  • The slack channel would have private rooms for the groups and a general one for the whole crowd
  • Hold up a weekly ~1hr live hangout for answering specific questions in the form of a discussion
  • the session gets recorded and published openly
  • this is not a “q&a” or “tutoring”, mentors would “point” in the right directions
  • we get to build an app (one to organize and manage this whole thing) and all groups contribute to that
  • the app itself is the learning material, we make sure the specs cover “technical” ground
  • the groups contribute code, the mentors don’t
  • group members pay back in the form of contributions. blog posts are good to begin with. perhaps packages and core contributions in time, who knows!


Awesome! Love the movement here :blush:


Hi I’m a fairly new developer to Meteor. I’ve been browsing the forums for some time now but would like to join the group. Could you invite me? If there’s any way I can contribute then I would be open to recording materials and sessions and making them more widely available.


Hi @intrin we are kind of overbooked right now. But I’ll post here if we get more open spots!


Again - this is great and I;d love to contribute/be involved at some stage (time permitting & I’m an amateur hack - not a Meteor rockstar)

After going through the Meteor Guide, I wonder. Is there any merit in the idea of allying this kind of initiative with the perceived need for Meteor to have some more open source example apps (Telescope standing proudly sadly alone after what, 2 years?)

This could be a smattering of well documented opinionated functional reference/skeleton apps for major use cases (beyond the great boilerplates that are out there already and more developed like the really cool Meteor Kitchen provides).

Other benefits are that they could offer a learning opportunity supporting dev/Meteor newbies, perhaps addressing also the confidence crisis that hinders open source contributions (people could get involved from docs to code) and ultimately further building the community.


I think the merit of building an open source app is creating an environment for the best learning experience. Creating something from scratch leaves no room for slacking and allows peope to use their imagination and creativity.

Furthermore, we can touch all technical aspects of meteor. So we can add a feature just for the sake of learning. Besides, it teaches collaboration over a git repository, using issues and pull requests and feature branches etc. I know by experience that even most great developers may lack this kind of discipline just because they have not had the opportunity to work with a large team


Please don’t get me wrong - I wasnt trying to change direction of this initiative and Im in agreement with all you say. Except I might add that imagination and creativity often have to wait until the training wheels can come off :slight_smile:
Also, theres no dearth of innovation in this community and Im sure innovative smaller patterns would be developed and shared (as we see on the forum with everything from Webpack to micro-hacks…)

Simply thought it would be neat for the community to utilise this approach to build reference apps that exemplify something like ‘best practice’ a la Meteor Guide.

Even once established, new devs would be able to develop their craft, as we’ll still all be coding to a constantly developing target come end of 2016 :slight_smile:

I seem to recall SG reaching out for more input for Telescop an aeon ago. Thats what gave me the thought. No worries if its not a go-er


The Meteor Guide already has an example app:


Well our intention is not to specifically create a reference app, that’s perhaps for MDG to do.

Our app will break many times and the group members will get to fix it, it will evolve, change, break again etc. Furthermore, we want to eat our own dogfood, hence the app’s goal to manage our mentoring groups and sessions :smile:

I hear you about the need to help out Telescope, but I simply don’t think we can abide by too many rules and head for too many different goals at once and we just need the freedom to express what we come to learn in our own words/code.

But that might be wrong, I personally am open to the idea that some parts of this “experiment” may fail while others flourish and we will learn from our mistakes as much as we do from the sharing.

Finally, all group members are encouraged to pay back! in the form of community involvement. Blog posts, answers to questions here and on SO, packages, and also pull requests to existing efforts. So perhaps one or more of the members can choose to pay back in the form of lending Sacha a hand with Telescope!


agreed with you…i wasnt try to sway you from what your doing… Its really great for everyone!
Rather than going round and round in words - I’ll think through a bit more completely what I mean and try to articulate it in some commits. (But it’ll be after this week).