Meteor Mentoring Group aka Meteor University


Oh man! This is such a great movement!
I just LOVE the Meteor community!

Really looking forward to new spots for a Group! :smile:


I’m really interested in this as well - I’m based in the UK so maybe we could start a UK/Europe based group?


How do I get an invite? My email is

I’m possibly available as a mentor, depending on what is the time commitment.

Has anyone made progress on a collaborative coding environment? I saw @faceyspacey posted about a cool plan for creating something… also wondering what tools might be out there already. I know about cloud9 and, and there’s probably others.


Please PM serkandurusoy , thanks


@vonwao cloud9 and are two great contenders in that arena. If you are looking for something built on meteor, though, I know there are efforts out there, but nothing full fledged afaik.

Regarding the groups,

We currently have 3 groups, each with

  • 5 mentees
  • 2 mentors (1 main and 1 assisting/substituting)

One of the groups had the first google hangout session last week. All groups are scheduling for this week again, so you’ll be seeing posts about a few videos getting published on youtube, hopefully.

To summarize the whole thing again, this is the way it works:

  • This is currently more of an experiment. We are improvising and learning as we go
  • This is not a tutoring event. Mentors point the mentees in the right direction, provide general guidence and it is up to the mentee do the actual job and learn about the things they ponder
  • Each group works independently to hold a weekly 1hr google hangout on air to be recorded and published
  • We have a slack channel to gather everyone involved
  • Each group has their own private room on our slack channel where they continue their discussions
  • We are also aiming to build an open source app to organize this whole effort, but the app is meant to be a learning environment and an exercise to work in large teams. We are currently trying to come up with a feature set that covers enough ground both in terms of functionality and technical aspect
  • Mentees are required to pay back in the form of community contribution. Blog posts, packages, pr’s to open source meteor projects, answers to questions here on the forum and on stack overflow
  • This is meant to be an ongoing thing, so both mentors and mentees are expected to commit to the idea

So if you are interested, PM me and we’ll get you set up. The only problem is, since we tried to keep this under wraps so that we don’t get in over our heads, there are 3 full groups now. So you getting in would mean finding 5 people who are interested in getting a mentor and willing to commit to this whole thing.


It seems @vonwao will kindly be joining our effort as a mentor. That means, we will have some more room for new mentee candidates.

So if anyone wants to pick his brains, please reply to this thread. But please please please do remember that this is a limited opportunity and only apply if you really can commit and commit for an extended period of time, a few months perhaps.

This also means that we will have room for 1 more person willing to join @vonwao as his assistant/substitute mentor. So if you are willing to take that route, guide new meteor developers and be part of this thrilling ride, please do drop us a line here!


Wow! We’ve just completed our second hangout and @christbkk was super fast in summarizing the whole thing + throwing in some research of his own, nice job! The video link is also in there if anyone wants to watch!

Oh and two more hangouts are brewing for tomorrow evening, coming from the other two groups’ mentors and mentees! So watch closely for this space.


Okay, okay guys, I get it already. I’m eating my words … and couldn’t be happier about it! :smile:


You deserve it :stuck_out_tongue:


wow, what a weekend! I am now watching from @maxnowack and his group and it is great to get a look into the brains of a developer!


I’m a member of group three of Meteor Mastermind and we just had our first hangout this past weekend. Here’s a glimpse that I posted on Medium: Adventures in Javascript-land: Joining the MeteorJS Tea Party


And I was surprised, as I am with many new interactions, to find that many of the members were not unlike myself.

This is my favorite! This attest a recurring theme among many Meteor developers. Many are either first time programmers, converts from design careers, enthusiasts, skilled developers of another genre etc, it is a great relief and a confidence boost for many meteor developers out there to see that nobody is born with javascript ninja skills and they are not an entitlement, not very hard to attain!

Thanks for the article @bearcanrun


My contribution to the mentor-mentor initiative. As a payback to the community I’m sharing my experience on trying to host a Meteor app on Bluemix. My thoughts on medium and the mini step by step tutorial on setting up and running the app on bluemix


Great job @ric0! It is so nice to see the community foster like this, and of course a great post that fills in a gap I’m sure many would appreciate! Thanks!


We’ve completed our 3rd installment of our mentoring hangouts with valuabşe help from @robfallows today and we are seeing @christbkk taking on almost-live blogging skills! Here’s the read and video url:



when developers take the time to not only learn new things and solve problems, but also share how its done!!!

Great read and a very interesting application of meteor!


Thanks @joshowens for taking the time to share valuable insight to testing, mantra, non-meteor tech on meteor like graphql, componentization and packages, inline styles!, code splitting, deployment options, sticky sessions, sync/async/promises… wow so many topics and so many bite sized pointers and thanks @bearcanrun and @tomsp for pioneering your group :slightly_smiling:


Aaand another blog post from @sakulstra as demonstration of how a potentially common problem with meteor can be solved!


Wow, and now realtime charting with IoT devices! Cool @sakulstra!


Straight out of the oven: