Meteor Swift DDP library

A meteor native library with powerful WebSockets in iOS, having flexibility to listen to the WebSockets events and send messages to Meteor written servers and establish a great realtime connection.

An easy way to handle subscriptions to listen to specific events anywhere in the app without using delegates or singleton instance.

Reviews and suggestions are more than welcome and new updates with client-side optimizations are expected in upcoming releases.

I must say thank you to all who are contributing greatly to make Meteor a powerful full-stack framework.


Hello @ehssham thanks for maintaining SwifDDP library, I hope you managed to incorporate @peter1 comments below:


@alawi Thanks you too!

Yeah, I got the inspiration from SwiftDDP and the initial version 1.0 was just to replicate that with support of Swift 5.

Now MeteorDDP has version 2.0 which is quite optimized and uses two different types of WebSocket methods which are quite optimized and maintained. In the upcoming release, I will focus to have client-side persistence like mini-mongo in the browser, and more optimizations are expected.

Feel free to share ideas or contribute to making it much mature and useful.


Thanks @ehssham, if you plan to maintain it long-term then I’ll add to the Meteor Awosome List. :+1:

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