Simple-Schema + Collection2 + Autoform = AWESOME STUFF

Dear Eric @aldeed ,

just letting you know: after playing around for 3 days with your simple-schema, collection2 and autoform module and can only say one thing: DUDE, THIS STUFF REALLY IS AWESOME!!! So far this really does work perfect and will totally speed up my development time!

Thanks a lot for all the hard work you are putting into this!!!
Tumbs up and keep it comin!!!
You are my Meteor-Hero!

Now the only thing missing is a django-style production-ready migration system in combination with simple-schema.

Yeah baby!

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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Take a look at


Simple Schema + Collection2 + Autoform is an awesome stack, I agree. It makes developing with Meteor a lot of good fun. But on the other hand I’ve got high hopes for @jagi to finish his Astronomy stack, so we have a good alternative.

You should have a look also on orionjs stack. This brings tabularjs in addition and visuals for relations for a simple admin backend for collections.

Hi guys,

thanks for your feedback.

You inspired me to make open a new thread on the whole topic:
PLEASE give Meteor-CORE a build-in ORM-SUPPORT (Object-Relational Mapping)!.