Team up to create the new Vue 3 integration

Anyone interested in joining up with me to make the latest and greatest of Vue possible in Meteor? I’m considering some things:

  • HMR
  • Vue 3
  • A smart package that provides SSR and hydration stuff with zero boilerplate
  • Composition API integration for Meteor’s Reactive layer (useFind, useTracker, useAccount, etc)
  • Extensive guide on best practices
    • On usage with Meteor + Apollo
    • On usage with Minimongo
  • Push for it to become a first class Meteor citizen

I know that akryum’s packages exist, but I think its time for us to take the wheel and free akryums time to focus on other things :slight_smile:


I would be very interested in this. My VueJS skills and experience are not quite there yet, but I think having first class integration would be very beneficial.

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Nice! Meanwhile I’ve spoken with Akryum. I think its best to initially dive into the current Meteor Vue package. See if I can make some easy fixes and familiarize myself with the current setup. After that I’m planning to check how Vue 3 could be built into this :slight_smile:

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I know that akryum’s packages exist, but I think its time for us to take the wheel and free akryums time to focus on other things :slight_smile:

Having @akryum work on the vue-meteor integration has been great. Firstly, he is a long time Vue core team member and should have a good grasp of processes inside Vue, both current and future ones. Secondly, he wrote the current v2 integration and with that experience should be in a good position to repeat and possibly also improve the architecture for the v3 integration. And last but definitely not least, he has demonstrated his commitment by maintaining the packages for a number of years already in an orderly and predictable manner, pulling in updates where necessary but also keeping things very stable at the same time. The stability that arises from especially the last point is, at least for me and probably many others, paramount.

Considering the above, I don’t see a very good reason to “free up his time to work on other things” (outside of Meteor). For me, having a Vue core team member handle the integration is a blessing. Especially since I believe he has already mentioned somewhere that he already had plans to update the integration to support Vue v3.

The above is not meant to sound negative. Volunteer contributions are the lifeline of any open source project and should be encouraged rather than discouraged. But at least for me I would like to see akryum still at the helm of the integration project and community contributions coming in in the form of PR-s (with the filtering effect that inherently comes with this). I do hope my conservative approach here does not pull the wind from your sails, it is by no means meant to.


You are exactly right. That’s why I messaged him. He also told me i’m free to creating something of my own, but I realized too that its better to simply add PR’s to his packages :slight_smile:

And honestly, I REALLY appreciate direct feedback! Facts don’t care about my feelings so I stopped being emotional about the facts too :joy:


I’m a big fan of the evolution of the v2 packages into v3 too! And supporting @akryum :heart: (sponsor) He has done a really great job on those packages and maybe thousands of devs rely on them if I had to estimate.

I also think the Vue + Meteor community members here benefit from all the cooperation we can give to each other :raised_hands: So it kind of makes sense to keep our core efforts on supporting the primary integration. I’m hoping Meteor can really learn how to work as well together as the Vue core team with a large base of contributors and I’m hoping to do everything I can to keep fostering a stronger connection between the Meteor & the Vue communities.

I think we can also really appreciate Meteor + Vue as a very “stable” thing, as a greater priority to becoming a “shinny” thing :grinning: For me, stability trumps shinny & new any day of the week!

I think it would be really cool for some of us here to try to think about what we can do to make Meteor more attractive to Vue devs. There are SO MANY people using Vue who have still never heard of Meteor :exploding_head:, and I do think that will change! An old Meteor user @gusto who is also on the core team at Vue has also been helpful in supporting Vue + Meteor and he listed Meteor as a backend option over on Vue Land (80k+ Discord Community), which was great to see!

@cloudspider I do love the “team up” attitude :muscle:, we can do great things together! Also @filipenevola has given us A LOT of support & encouragement and I do consider Vue as a 1st class citizen with Meteor, it’s just catching up to React in the Meteor community. We can use Meteor channels (like Twitter, Blog, etc.) to promote Vue + Meteor and get any updates in place we need to make it feel more at home.

Here is a list of things we could start with in the Meteor community, that would really help out:

  • Vue skeleton config, aka meteor create --vue (this was started in the community, but not finished yet, and would really help new Vue users trying Meteor for the 1st time, I’ll tag you in Slack were we discussed this)
  • Meteor + Vue integration testing would be really nice to implement as a community somehow, so we could work together to evaluate the core (component, tracker) & advanced (SSR, Apollo, etc) packages
  • Issues & PRs that benefit everyone would help out @akryum a lot I think
  • More docs & examples always help, especially for things that have not been documented well yet, the Vue community really shines in this area, and I think we could do better in Meteor. And much appreciation for you wrting the Meteor + Vue Guide :raised_hands:

I support you doing anything you feel you are inspired to do! And I really appreciate anything you’d like to do to keep improving the existing Meteor + Vue foundation!

I’m still very excited about Vue + Meteor, and now recently just turned my main app into an official PWA. It blew my mind to be able to install desktop & mobile versions of my app with only hours of work. So also if you wanted to write about Vue + Meteor + PWAs, that is a “shinny” topic :tada:. We could add documentation to that for the Meteor Guide too.

I’ve started, but haven’t made it very far, on a Vue + Meteor GitBook, which I was hoping to focus on the really “easy” side of things to give Vue user trying Metero for the 1st time the tips they need in their projects to make it a breeze. This is a back-burner project for me though, as I still have lots of ongoing user features to build in my main app.

Team work makes the dream work! It’s great to have your support & contributions @cloudspider

I’ve started to invite over 100 devs to try Meteor and I think there will be millions of devs trying Meteor within a couple years. A lot of “web developers” served by Vue, React, Svelte are first developing web sites or very light web apps, which is the largest markets, and Meteor doesn’t even get mentioned in many JS rollups because there is SO much focus on the front-end right now. This Guide is a perfect example of how many web-devs are looking at the world these days. But they are missing the bigger picture. I think a Meteor “re-discovery” trend is starting as people run into shortcoming and complexities with alternatives.


Thanks for you reaction. All true what you are saying. I’m one if the organizers of Vuejs Amsterdam and Frontend Love. These are our 2 biggest of many events that attract ~3000 people each year.

My aim is to have something solid to tell for Vue 3 and what it brings to the Vue community. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey @cloudspider, check out this thread and drop a +1 for Vue, this kind of shows some of the more active Vue users in the Meteor Forum currently, so you can see who our mutual devs are at a glance :grinning:

:point_down:main survey…

Thanks for working on issues & PRs already in @akryum’s repo, that is great help! The more we can work together, the better we will all be! And we’d love to see more Vue devs try Meteor for the 1st time :rocket: So we appreciate your work getting the word out.

:point_down:vue package survey…

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Step 1: :heart_eyes: :tada:


Really great job @cloudspider :rocket:

@mullojo do you have a blog or write up about your vue+meteor+pwa and desktop conversion? Some tutorials, writeups etc would also help push this agenda greatly!

@nosizejosh I think I’ll be getting to this soon. I’ve got a GitBook started, and plan to make an open community project. We can probably get the most useful details incorporated in the Official Meteor Docs eventually too.