What hosting services are you using for your Meteor App?


I have been using Modulus.io to host my Meteor Apps. However lately it seems that their having a lot of issues. For example right now I can’t even deploy.

I’m looking to try something else. Either AWS Beanstalk or Heroku has anyone been using them? What’s your experience?

Why is deploying meteor apps so "hard"?
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Hi, I’m relatively new to Meteor…but had an account with https://www.vultr.com and that hosts sites running Meteor fine…




I don’t have a production Meteor app yet online. But DigitalOcean is my choice now.


deploying to EC2 using Meteor Up (@arunoda)


@chenroth How are you setting up all the requirements that are required for Meteor like sticky sessions?


I’m using a combination of Digital Ocean for the app and Compose.io for Mongo, happy so far.


@nutkracker looking for something that is more “known” like AWS. Don’t want to take any chances


@ctaloi I’m a big fan of DO but I don’t think you can scale with it.


@almog I haven’t done that yet, but before delving into the project I’d read about others’ experience and concluded it’s something I could cope with along the way (hopefully indeed)

You’ve probably read this already, but worth mentioning:


Production: DigitalOcean, Amazon S3 as image storage, Compose.io as database. Deploying with MeteorUp. All works fine with Kadira, GA and Mixpanel


Why do you say, you can’t scale with that? Digital Ocean is a place which offers servers, so, spin more servers to scale your app.

We made it super simple with meteorhacks:cluster.


@arunoda I was referring to sticky sessions and the specific meteor / node requirements. I thought that there are some issues with DO is that incorrect?


This is a summary here of my experiences with different hosting solutions.

At the moment, I’m loving the simplicity of Digital Ocean + Compose + Mup. If things ever get serious though (in terms of growing traffic), I might be heading back to AWS Elastic Beanstalk.

I’m yet to experiment with meteorhacks:cluster, but it looks like it might be an easy way to scale using D.O… As far as I know, D.O. gives no problem with meteor specific stuff like sticky sessions – you just set up your box with something that handles that.

Arunoda … ?


@mrzafod this sounds like a good option


@chenroth yes read sometime ago I do think I need to read it again. Thanks


@babrahams this is great thanks


Nope! DO is just fine. They are barebones linux servers after all. The only thing it lacks is automated server deployment to scale depending on traffic. There are tools to help you with that as well, but aws elastic beanstalk may be favorable due to its native, single-vendor approach.


@serkandurusoy and examples or tutorials for setting AWS Beanstalk?


+1 for AWS over here


Yep. The thing that got me going on AWS Elastic Beanstalk was Kris Hamoud’s tutorial and gist.