What this communityneeds is

…a killer IDE.

Atom is nice, and the CLI does a lot for us, but if somebody comes up with a true IDE for Meteor, it would be “huge.”

WebStorm has a long ways to go, and I don’t know how committed they (JetBrains) are to Meteor.

Whether this new IDE be called Meatier, Pleiades, Comet, MeteorStorm, Meteor Studio, or whatever, I look forward to it. Who will build it? JetBrains? DroneBrains? MS? A startup?


What are you missing in Webstorm ?

WebStorm understands Meteor about as well as Donald Trump understands Bernie Sanders.

I prefer working with Atom (and the price is better, too!), but even Atom is quite “bare bones” compared to IDEs like Visual Studio and Android Studio, not to mention the old Delphi environment (I don’t know what Embarcadero is calling it now).

It seems you have tested a wrong version of WebStorm, or a bad install (see the other thread). WebStorm has drawbacks, but not the one of “not understanding Meteor”. In fact, I have tested Atom and several other solutions and I think WebStorm is currently the one that “understands Meteor” the best.

Well, it could be that there was a bad install, but if so, whose fault is that. Installing on Windows is as easy as clicking an .exe. I really doubt that’s the issue. And I’ve got the latest version, so that’s not it, either. I have another post that discusses some of the “problems” a WebStorm Code Inspection finds, which are bogus. I found many more today - WebStorm (the one installed on my machine, anyway), is simply clueless about Meteor to a great extent.

As of now, Atom is better, and my hopes are that it continues to expand in its functionalities - it even looks better (has a more pleasing GUI) than WebStorm (IMO, of course).

Are you using the ‘meteor-api’ package for Atom? It has a list of many of the packages we use to create a more IDE like environment, along with Meteor snippets, syntax highlighting, etc.

We’re currently working on adding TinyTest/Nightwatch support, refactoring tools, scaffolding tools, and more via context menus and other UI updates to Atom.

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Those planned enhancements for Atom sound great - looking forward to Atom kicking WebStorm’s butt even more than it already does (like the Packers will the Bears come Sunday - write it down in BIG LETTERS).

As for the ‘meteor-api’ package for Atom, I do have a “Meteor” submenu item beneath the Packages menu - is that ‘meteor-api’?

Well, I had some CPU heavy times in Atom when I turned linting On. And finding strings in project was opening empty tabs etc if I remember correctly. There was some nice Meteor support, but still as an IDE too much experimental for me atm.

Don’t feed the troll.

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This is awesome! Good to hear more is being done on the testing front… I’m waiting patiently for a stable, reliable option. Great work

@awatson1978: Thanks a bunch for the Meteor package, I was not aware of this. Now there’s even one more reason why I love Atom :smile:

This is not specific to Meteor, but is there any plan to support debugger tools in Atom, especially breakpoints and REPL on both the server and the client with source maps support?

I’d love to see a high-quality meteor package for Atom.

Is this nonexistant in Atom currently?

There’s some packages for Atom, but they are rather buggy and only cover some basics.