Windows 10 safe to use with Meteor?

Windows 10 is here and I can upgrade but I don’t know if I should. Will meteor work properly?

I havn’t tried myself but don’t see why not. Changes should not be too big in terms of support for those things.

Personal opinion though. Switch to Linux if possible. The reason is that the hot code reload is much quicker. I had a discussion over on Reddit with what I believe was an MDG dev(?) that said they need to poll windows for file changes, whereas on Linux, I understood there’s a callback. The default on windows is every 5 sec to avoid frying your CPU. Can be overridden by setting an environment variable. People also say that the linux version of meteor is more stable. I have little knowledge of this due to my limited time with meteor. I haven’t experienced a lot of bugs on windows.
I changed recently to Ubuntu Linux. The reload time is almost instant compared to when I was developing the same app on Windows. Most of the same IDE tools are available too. I use IntelliJ IDEA(All in one version of Webstorm).

If you’re worried about trying Ubuntu just test out a live version. Boot on a USB stick without installing anything to try it out :smile:
Ubuntu is just as easy to use as Windows.

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I know that developing on Linux would be far more convenient. But I also need to rely on lots of graphics software unfortunately :frowning: . I’m a bit scared of switching also and frying everything. Though I’ve created a backup now, so maybe I’ll try it out. I don’t know how to use all the software I rely on with linux though :/.

Do keep us posted :slight_smile: What software are you relying on? You can dualboot a computer, meaning that you can have multiple OS on it. You just gotta reboot to switch OS. With todays computers that’s just a few seconds. It’s like an alt-tab with a 10 second wait ^^

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Mostly Adobe stuff. Everything creative suite. I’m also concerned if drivers won’t be working. I have a workstation quadro graphics card. Not sure if they have proper drivers for linux. But I’ll try it out for sure. I’m updating to Win 10 now though.

Could you provide a link or describe how to do this?

you should ugprade
… to linux

A MacBook has everything you need :slight_smile:


Except for workstation graphics cards ;).


I see no reason for problem on Windows 10 since 10 is a smooth upgrade from 7 through 8.1 and basically, the drivers don’t change much except for very specific high end functionality. So I believe you’ll have no problem meteor-wise.

read on if you want to give linux a go, otherwise, don’t waste your time :slight_smile:

On the other hand, I also urge you to give linux a try. Ubuntu is a very friendly distribution (that’s what we call different makes/brands of linux) and the latest 15.04 version has pretty decent driver support for high end graphics cards.

To be honest though, you would miss all of your Adobe CC apps. Even though there are highly competitive counterparts on linux, I know the feeling when you lose your tools of trade. So, a dual boot, or perhaps a transitional virtualbox installation may also suit you well.

then again, you can have best of both worlds on a mac and be done with it :smile:

disclaimer: I’m on an ubuntu machine right now.

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Not exactly sure how to change env variables, but here’s the detail on the var:

I’ve been running Meteor on my Windows 10 Insider machine since the official Meteor on Windows release… no problems at all :smile: In fact, Meteor (and other nodejs apps) seems to run faster on Windows 10 vs 8.1. :smile:

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Or just use a virtual machine (VirtualBox, VMWare, HyperV…). You will still work on windows, but your app will run on linux.
This is certainly the best thing to do if you want to keep windows.

a poster asks if meteor works for win10 and everyone points him to unix… typical :stuck_out_tongue:

ubuntu is cool until you have to tweak graphics drivers settings everytime there’s some update because ati can’t be bothered to test their official packages properly for linux users…
after about the 3rd time and 3 days down the drain, i gave up


so any improvements done in 1.2 will be offset by a default avg 2.5 delay because the devs … actually on re-reading this, it’s just because they don’t know when external editors have updated files… fair enough.

However, that can’t be right, because when i’m saving the file in webstorm and just doing a meteor run in a cmd prompt it detects it instantly… and also if you’re debugging in webstorm, any changes are picked up by that editor and it reruns your debug env instantly too.

Therefore, this issue is a red herring.

Well it’s understandable. Developing for meteor on linux or mac is definitely easier. But there’s more to a system than just wanting to develop stuff :stuck_out_tongue: . I would have taken the leap to Mac if they’d offer better hardware. I also would have taken the leap to Ubuntu if I wouldn’t be concerned about drivers and other software. I’ve seen driver hell at work before with Ubunutu.


Once Adobe (& other 3D software) support linux I’ll have to stick with Windows unfortunately.

Also, the recommendation of using a virutal box is really sub-optimal. They’re slow as F.

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upgraded to win10 today… meteor works fine! and also on the plus side, there are quite a few enhancements to the cmd box. CNTRL-C CONTRL-V for copy pasting works well, you can search, select the current line ( so you can copy it).

I found Windows is not compatible with Meteor development only for some npm libs that requires to be built with node-gyp on x64 machines

Chill out.
I’ve just tested METEOR_WATCH_POLLING_INTERVAL_MS =500 on win7.
It doesn’t improve nuttin. Looks like a hoax.

The chance that Meteor won’t be running on Windows 10 would be very minimal. The chance it will be running better would be much higher. Most new things are user experience. Worst that can happen is that you’ll have to cleanly install Meteor and development tools. That’s why backups are important.

I rather not go into the whole OS-bashing tour. That’s so 1995 - everyone knows BSD is for the win. All systems suck in some way and are great in others. That’s why there are different systems - to each their own. I think that the Windows support from Meteor is something people should really appreciate. It took a long time before other frameworks provided even support for RC when it comes to edge software. Still though, I believe beautiful things shouldn’t be run on Fisher-Price. Feels like blasphemy… :wink: