Best IDEs for meteor? What do you use and why?

For me I have found WebStorm is currently the best IDE for meteor out of the box. It is compatible with meteor and is generally has very complete feature set. The problem is I tend to be security conscious and only use open source when ever possible. WebStorm is not only proprietary but there is no privacy statement and even worse I can’t get a answer from jetbrains support about what data they collect. In light of respectable software like windows 10 harvesting user data. A privacy statement is a must have for me.

My experience with atom was almost the exact opposite. Out of the box it was not much more powerful then my choice text editor. However with the packages listed here it got better. That being said it still has problems in particular, although this may be a setting or something I have wrong but it occurred on two different computers. autocomplete/autocomplete + does not work like any other text editor or IDE I have ever used. It only completes individual words not standard small snipes like if(){}; it does not do HTML or CSS ether. This seams like a error of some sort so if you know why it is happening please tell me. other than that Most issues have maul work around like sshfs for remote work.

That has been my experience with IDEs and meteor if you know a fix to autocomplete or if you know anyone at JetBrains who can clear up the privacy statement issue. Please share. Please also share any experiences you have had with IDEs for meteor.

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I just use Sublime Text (no Meteor specific packages). It’s really fast, opens instantly with the terminal command and forces me to commit Meteor related reserved words to memory. Memory turns to muscle memory and muscle memory turns to knowledge I can tap to build out my apps.

$ cd ~/Work/my-app
$ s 

And voila, Sublime Text 3 opens in 200ms.


vim, because I am too lazy to into a real IDE

Vim - nothing is faster when it comes to editing code. I like to be close to the metal.

really? how is VIM any faster than Emmet and Live Templates in WebStorm?

quick demo I made

I think it’s WebStorm for sure :smile:

I’d recommend:

  • windows 10 (+ powershell)
  • sublime text 2 (+ package control & babel’s ES6 syntax package)
  • chrome (+ secure shell & postman)
  • mongochef


Does WebStorm run in the terminal?

we left roboMongo for MongoChef. Much better in many ways. Try it!


Will check it out right away :smiley: thnx

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Going to pop in here and make a plug for Meteor Toys, which is a development tool made specially for Meteor. There’s the free Mongol package, which helps you view and edit your Mongo data with-in the app. There’s also JetSetter, which does the same for Session.

Both of thee packages are debugOnly, meaning they do not ship to production when you deploy/build.

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Nope. Though it has terminal utility.

My favorite Meteor IDE is Codelobster -