Meteor Mentoring Group aka Meteor University


We invited you :slight_smile:

Now live :


We just had a great session with @christbkk where we covered authentication with flow router and updating a user’s profile with autoform, and lightly touched on the topic of allow/deny.

Here’s the video link:


Thanks Serkan that you take your time to teach the community.
Also to all the others Mentors out there :slight_smile:


11th hangout, oh my! Happening in a few moments if you want to watch along:


@nilsdannemann and I are going to be coding together to try and solve a few problems on his awesome used-car sale app. Starting in a few minutes, head over to youtube to watch!

Awesome design by the way :thumbsup:


Thanks for the Session @serkandurusoy !
I really enjoyed it!!! :slight_smile:


my story with meteor mentor group


I am interested in joining you if you have any spot left.


Great writeup @kaiyes and inspiring to say the least! It is really amazing what can happen when people just ask for help.

I, too, had lots of struggling moments back in the day, and even today, and the meteor community is always there to help. I’ve never had a question - even the most basic, the silliest one - unanswered.

This is what I love most about Meteor, the community!


@aerocoder could you ping me with your email address so that I can send you a slack invitation.


Thanks @serkandurusoy. It is easante2011 at


I just sent you an invitation.


I have got it. Thank you very much.



Wondering if I can join this group?


Please DM me your email address


We are about to begin a pair coding session with @aerocoder streaming live over at youtube


We had a great session with @aerocoder today where we worked on a “paid sign up” workflow where a user fills in a form to both make a payment using stripe (using mrgalaxy:stripe from atmosphere) and then create a user with the same information after successful payment.

He is a complete meteor novice, coming from a rails background, and he is a great example of what a developer can accomplish in a very short time using Meteor.

Kudos @aerocoder !



Indeed we had a great session today and I wish to express my appreciation to @serkandurusoy for the time he spent with me and the guidance he gave me. I was blown away by how easy the tasks could be accomplished in Meteor.

I am documenting my learning experience, and when the app is complete I will try and write a detailed tutorial on it for other Meteor novices to learn from. Thank you.


I’ve been wanting to covert this project to Meteor. Anyone else interested?


Do you mean participate the competition with a meteor poker player?