Meteor Mentoring Group aka Meteor University


I’d like to do that (I’m a poker player), but also was thinking about
getting the backend system ported to Meteor. I think the concept is
brilliant, but of course I’d prefer to see it promoting Meteor!


Sounds interesting. I wish I had the slightest talent for any sort of card/board game.

If I’m ever to join a party playing a game of “anything” I make sure there’s a box labelled ages 10 and below :slight_smile:


i’m with you on that.


Hey guys, Greetings from Dublin, Ireland!

I might be a bit late to the party but I would love to join a meteor mentoring group. I am a relatively newbie coder but have done some work developing a meteor app. I’ve been struggling with things like integrating stripe, intercom, testing, debugging etc and would love the chance to bounce some ideas around with people.

I am also keen to start using flow:router and react as it’s been iron:router and blaze thus far.

I would be more than happy to help anybody in any way that I could with the experience I have already (thought I do have a fair way to go with my own learning)

If this group is still going or firing up again, I would love to be involved.




@brianjlennon pm me your email address and I’ll send you a slack invitation. and when you join, please scroll up to see the messages from past few days so you get an overview of how this whole thing works!


Hi @serkandurusoy, i sign up to meteor forum because this thread, i’ve been learning meteor about 1,5 months now, its really amazing if you would like to add me to the group of mentoring. i try to send you a PM of my email, but i didnt get the PM menu. thanks


that’s because you just joined the forum. I sent you a message so that you can reply with your email address and I’ll send you an invitation as soon as I can.


Hello Guys, great initiative with the mentoring project, especially since the demise of the hosting site as many, many useful instructive projects have bitten the dust. I’m a relative newbie but have gotten so far as a mupx deploy to my own Azure vm, ubuntu 16.4. I’m trying to ‘stitch’ a couple of apps together, a materializecss front end with a jquery justified gallery. There is a great ‘parallax’ demo too I would like to use. Problems with routing them though it’s giving me a bit of a headache. I would certainly appreciate an invite.


@steveo please PM me your email address


yo …this has picked up !!! Welcome everyone to the family !!


We’ve a new child in our family , besides our slack channel we now have a new blog we use to share things we’ve learned on our journey, Even if “university” is currently a overstatement we hope that this takes of and encourages our little slack community to share their experiences.

I need a meteor friend

@sakulstra, @serkandurusoy : pls add my mail, I need mentor for my meteor skill. tx so much…


@tsamatech you have been invited. Welcome to the family !


Got it now. Cheers :slight_smile:


And this week, we are coding with @illank86 and you can watch live at (coming up in a few minutes)


Great stuff going around here !


Thanks @serkandurusoy, its just great


Hey guys would love to join! Currently building a large scale Meteor webapp


@rjordan please PM me your email address


check you inbox in a few minutes.