Meteor Mentoring Group aka Meteor University


Hi, I want to join the Mentoring group. I would really do with some mentoring around what to use and what to avoid while building apps in Meteor.


@ahmadtechchap you can use the form at to request an invitation.


New session is underway! We are discussing javascript imports within the context of Meteor!


Hey, I like what you’re doing and I might get involved, but I thought I should point out that it is illegal in many countries to call yourself a “university” without accreditation. A certain US presidential candidate is having some problems with that right now! It might just be good to put a note on saying that you are not a degree-granting institution.


Thanks @foobarbecue for the heads up about having to make a note of that on the site!


Thanks for your input @foobarbecue . I think we don’t have any problems because we don’t claim to certificate someone.
It’s just a name, we don’t have anything in common with a university besides helping people to help themselves. Anyways I think making this more clear will help us not getting into problems :wink: So we started writing a manifest reflecting that.

If you want to join the group you can use the contact form and just write a few sentences :wink: The invitation will follow in no time.


Hey guys, please check out the latest article on the blog on Handling Publication Errors as well as some freebies :slight_smile:



Building up from last week, we are going to take an existing Meteor 1.2 project and upgrade it to Meteor 1.3.3 while implementing some ES2015 features like imports and new language features! About to go live in a few minutes:


I have dropped all technologies in web app development and I want to to survive just with Meteor. So basically when developing app I am constantly looking ways to optimize Meteor functionalities in my app, cleaning up my Meteor code and going for a workaround whenever I miss features like the reactive aggregation.

Referring to what I just said, time that I consume on learning and working with Meteor takes only about 15-20% of my time, where tweaking CSS and other layout shit takes 50%. About the 20% of time I use to recall all functions and only 10% is time when I really get something new on the plate.

Therefore, I can say that Meteor is damn fair easily to use, learn and remember for me. I think Meteor Forum and Meteor Documentation is just enoug. With this forum and Meteor documentation it should not take so much to adopt Meteor features.

I am just telling, because I hope that developing Meteor and Apollo technology is the main focus and Meteor Group will not be too stressed about going for multiple learning envinronments while forum and documentation are fucking the best in the field! :wink:


If anyone is looking for a good project to practice on my community of volunteers is building a innovative project to help people sleeping on the streets, in Meteor, and its nearly complete. its already been picked up by a national newspaper, but recently we’ve ground to a complete halt.

Our global street sleeper resource map (addiction support groups, resume help, shelter, pass it on coffee, etc) just needs a small bugs fixed and some headers changed, but our developer who was building in meteor got too busy with paid work and dropped out - being so close its very frustrating.

it would be a huge help in our efforts to help the increasing numbers of homeless in many countries if you, or any meteor developers you know would like to join in.

there’s no funding, sponsorship or anything else involved. we just create projects to try and improve societal issues, so we’re not using your code for anything other than an effort to help those most in need.

kind wishes,
Andy at Focallocal


I am @alfiepoleon in Meteor University slack, shoot me a message there, am not so good in meteor, but I’ll help where I can, cheers.


@andyatfocallocal I also took the liberty to paste this message on our private slack channel. I can’t promise anything, but I do hope somone steps forward.

In the meantime, although I don’t have much coding time at hand, I’d be honored if you could accept me as a technical consultant/mentor/guide should your developers ever need one.


that would be absolutely fabulous! we have one experienced developer who is monitoring development, a few others learning who have been quiet lately, and Surkandurusoy has extremely kindly offered to help support, mentor and guide, so there should be others to offer support.

here’s the github:

and i can provide access to our servers if/when you need to deploy or edit the new site.

i’m excited to have you joining in,


that is wonderful, thank you soo much. i’m convinced this project can help many people in great need.

here’s the github:

how would you recommend devlopers contact you? is it easier to monitor the github, or we have a Mattermost forum for our community which has a webdev thread. i can also provide access to our server if or when its needed.

i’m excited to have your support in the team,
Andy :0)


@alfiepoleon @andyatfocallocal this is great!

Should you need my assistance, I am available at the slack channel, so are a lot of other nice people eager to help each other solve technical problems.

@andyatfocallocal developers seeking help should also join us, requesting an invitation to our slack channel at and we’d do our best to provide aid.


the project is a global map of free resources for people who are living on the street. things to help meet their basic needs, like showers, food, etc. and things to help them change their circumstances, like groups who meet to learn new skills, addiction support groups, job finding meetings, etc.
here’s the Github:

and here’s a live view of the map we’re working on: (this one is set up for our positive action meetings, we’ll need to redeploy for the street sleeper resource map)


Here’s the new episode of the meteor university, we’re about to begin! Live!


And a new article:


Happy to say that we already 77 People in our Slack Channel and most of us are pretty active and collaborate with each other.


We are going live in a few minutes: