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Since GitHub Sponsor seems to be taking on more and more people I think it might be worth it to start creating a list of Meteor developers (past and present) that are part of this program.

Active Meteor developers:

Past Meteor developers:

Please add yours or someone I missed in replies and I’ll update the list.


@akryum Sponsor :heart:

He has created 23 packages for Meteor on atmophere, and many more on npm. He created & maintains the core Meteor + Vue packages that make using Vue & Meteor such a great experience together.

A big thanks to all the devs working on Meteor!! Thank you @storyteller for starting this list!


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Thanks, I’ve created some donations, and I encourage others to do so (especially those who are profitable!).

I also would like to see @zodern name on the list.


Well, @zodern needs to get an invitation or apply.

It is also available for groups, so I think we need to setup something for Meteor Community Packages…


Also, I’d like to sponsor @benjamn as well if he applies.


I looked at the list and made my choices. However, my impression is that some of these devs have moved on, or not focusing so much on Meteor anymore (maybe I’m mistaken, so please correct me if that’s the case).

Besides, there are some long term contributors whom I doubt having any interest in sponsorship but should be receiving something as recognition for their contribution. Benjamin is the obvious one who comes to mind, but there are so many more, some of them regulars around here.

So how about this. @storyteller has started the Meteor Community project, a great initiative. So far it’s going well, and I hope it is gathering people around it. I’d rather see a larger umbrella, such as MC, receiving / managing donations, and then from there spread over to other contributors in the form of sponsorship, prizes, and bounties, all of this hopefully spurring further contributions.

My feeling is that individual developers will not receive as much support, if at all. An organisation such as Meteor Community would be more able to attract attention and resources.

I’d say it’s better if we focus on helping MC grow, making it the main vehicle for supporting individual contributors.


@illustreets Thanks a lot! I’ll separate the list into current and past Meteor devs.
The problem with MCP is governance and formal structure. Right now we are super loose without any formal leadership, etc. If we want to receive money that will have to change no matter what shape the organization takes. There are a few suggestions how to proceed, but no consensus as of yet.


This would have been my exact follow up, but I decided it’s not for me to advance it :slight_smile:. Formal structure and governance is indeed required for something such as what we discuss here. But that requires time and effort to set up - hopefully there can be financial means to encourage that.

I hope you received positive responses regarding donations in the survey. I’m thinking maybe it’s worth approaching in private anyone who has a stake in Meteor, describing what MCP aims to do, and asking what they would be happy to pledge to help the MCP achieve its goals.

Not a long questionnaire, just asking what is worth paying to ensure we have a healthy list of packages and learning resources, updates to the docs, and so on.

Basically, it’s about assuring that Meteor has a community driven future also. Obviously, its success as a business for Tiny is essential, but a strong community project will ensure Meteor stays rock solid.

So I’m thinking you might get positive answers.

There needs to be money to help with the admin, and then once that’s done, some money to help maintaining the community packages. And so much other stuff.

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Count us in as sponsors for that one also, once it’s set up.


Count me as well, I would be happy to support financially and labour as well.

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If you don’t mind @storyteller, I’ll add your list to the awosome Meteor list.


Added sponsoring to MCP org repository. I would like to encourage contributors to also include their sponsor links on repositories they work on.


Added @copleykj to the sponsorship list.

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Bumping this! Has anyone else added GitHub Sponsor that should be added to the list?

What about @diaconutheodor? He makes redis-oplog, grapher, countless others. He’s in business for himself but he also contributes heavily to the open-source Meteor community. Not sure if he’s on GitHub sponsors.


I agree :100: @diaconutheodor should be on the list and his company cul of coders should be on top of the preferred partners, it is certainly my preferred.

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It is all nice that you want @diaconutheodor to be on the list, but I can’t add him until he actually has a donor page.

Appreciate it guys! We currently have an opencollective accounts for packages we open-sourced. I am involved in many many things including launching a new framework, I’d rather have donations to packages themselves rather than me, because if a package gets some $$$ I can distribute it there to evolve it.